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Re: pulled seed

Originally Posted by defe06 View Post
Thatīs not very supportive for the TTD members interested in this recording...
beat that dead horse!

It's not like we all just visit TTD, do we? Really?

Don't be offended that there are rules in place to keep this site as "clean" of lossy recordings as possible. It was decided a long time ago here that MiniDisc is basically a dead format and that tapers worth their salt should phase them out and upgrade. There are PCM wave recorders that record 24 bit 96 khz for $100 that run circles around the compressed to death minidisc. I used to use MD's, but, hell, I've switched to keep up with the times (and I can't afford to, but I did!)...

I don't mean to belittle your recording or your efforts, but, really, how big an audience do you think you're going to get for your recording? Why do you JUST want to seed it here, where there are rules that clearly state that you cannot? Why not put it elsewhere, where you CAN actually be allowed to post it? What's the big deal?

Honestly, if you're taping more shows in the future, record PCM wave files, or better yet, retire that tired old MD deck and upgrade to a better recorder. You'll be thanking me later! I know from experience!
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