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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
"You were one of them. And so was vlad"

I was. I'll cop to it. I was thinking that we could get rid of a lot of excellent members with a 1.0 ratio enforcement. That would go over well... and all that would remain is a few good folks who contribute content and a ton of weasels who contribute nothing but have a fast connection. Bottom line: I propose a ratio "Bailout" for people like me who share original content, but are hampered by slower dsl upload speed.
I 2nd your thoughts. I'm not proud of my ratio, but I am not thoughtless. I never jump off a torrent that is desperate for seeders, I may stay connected for days, a week even and barely hit .40. This is why I regift stuff I get elsewhere in an attempt to do my share. So while it may look like I'm "jumping off" a torrent prematurely, it's likely due to the fact that I need the kb's for the show I'm seeding. I do intend to upgrade my DSL service since it has recently become possible to do so, but at the quantity of my usage, my ratio isn't going to move too easily. I agree with vlad, that a professional leecher with a high speed connection allowing a good ratio isn't a better member than I am, his contribution comes in a different way. This site has been "home" to me for a long time, and setting some high ratio requirement is not going to improve this site. If a ratio requirement has to be implemented I think Vlad's "bailout" should extend to all forms of uploading. Sharing new content has to be worth more than simply having a fast upload speed. Perhaps a .25 enforcement ratio with a credit system for uploaders of new material, such as 10gigs of upload credit per each gig of new material uploaded EX: upload a 4gig dvd and receive 40 gigs of upload credit. This would not only encourage somewhat fair sharing , but some more members to share new and unique things to TTD. Now THAT would improve the site, getting more uploaders and more content
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