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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Roshambo
I'm assume they did. I told them i wanted nothing to do with their site and to delete my account as there was no option to do it myself, I deleted all the torrents I uploaded (as is my right to do so), and I went back and blanked out all my forum posts.

Such a shame as it is a nice looking site, but I just didn't trust much I downloaded there. People changing original archive files and re-distributing them, people seeding 50+ shows at a time who obviously don't have the bandwidth, getting a lot of criticism to my posts when I was only pointing out that some of the practices over there are typically frowned upon in the trading community. Not to mention torrents with commercially released content in them. 99% of what is over there comes from TTD or DaD anyway. To each their own....I don't want any part of it.
My sentiments exactly especially when it comes to people who post there making it appear as if they're the original source of the upload. I started challenging some guy, with the handle of UnkArl, about a particular Tori Amos torrent that came from another tracker. I asked him why he removed original artwork, putting his "courtesy" screenshots, and not giving credit to the original source/uploader. He basically said "it's none of my business and torrents get re-distributed anyway". Well he apparently tried doing the same thing on DaD and the original source busted him.

The staff on Zomb are a bunch of hypocrites too. One of them started asking about why I was uploading from different ips. I guess they saw I was capable of upload speeds as high as 2Mb/s from one ip. I explained that for one of the ips I had T3 access at my school but am discreet about using it. After they got the explanation, they promoted me to high speed uploader (as if that actually means anything). I thought about why they had asked me questions and decided stop uploading there ever since the inquiry. Well a couple of weeks later, after no activity my part at Zomb, I was demoted to my original status. I was right about my suspicions that there might be something fishy with Zomb 'cause of the questions they had posed.

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