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Re: No Need To Burn As DVD

Originally Posted by XiKano View Post
Sorry if this has been discussed previously. I learned on another forum that a dvd show burned as a data disc (which I've been doing for back-up/archive purposes) will play 'normally'. I tested this with a few stand alone players and sure enough! My backups play the same as those I burned as 'dvd'. Suddenly, my supply of blank discs has doubled! I'm thinking this is too good to be true, there's gotta be a catch. I'm here lookin' for a 2nd medical, uh, er, technical opinion/confirmation. If true, why do the burners have the two burning modes? Thnx!
You're correct. You can burn a video DVD as data and it will play fine. Some player will have problems if you put the info files, artwork, checksums, etc in the root folder. None of my (3) players have a problem with those files though.
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