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Re: Checksums Tutorial (.st5, .ffp and .md5)

A couple notes from the Checksums section (comments in bold):

.st5 aka SHNtool md5. this is a checksum taken from the decompressed audio only. the advantage to this is that it works with any lossless codec at any compression setting. This is the preferred checksum type to be included with shn or ape files.

.ffp aka FLAC fingerprints. These checksums are virtually identical to .st5. some differences are explained below, under "Verifying a checksum file" and "Creating a .ffp file".

For audio, I highly recommend using FLAC and including .st5 and .ffp no wholefile .md5 necessary. Except the 32-digit checksum is going to be exactly the same in the st5 and ffp file. There is really no reason to include both types of checksums for fingerprints, just one type.

Here is a quick tutorial on making shntool md5s on a Mac using xACT:

1. Locate files on your computer.

2. Open xACT to the checksum tab and drag the files into the window.

3. Hit the Checksum button.

4. Hit the shntool md5 button (verify is the default).

5. It prompts you to save it somewhere, find the same folder.

6. Name the md5 you are creating properly and hit Save (a more common extension these days is ".st5")

7. It makes the shntool md5s (it will take a couple of minutes).
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