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Re: An urgent message about digital noise reduction

Actually-a big peeve of mine is torrents put out with major clipping. Some of these were recent vintage,from DAT so analog hiss is no factor,but somewhere along the line the waves got major clipping. A few clips are fixable-but if the whole thing is maxed-there's no hope. I actually have run into that more than a botched NR job. Almost as annoying-but at least fixable are those where the whole show needs a 300% volume boost-and I've DL'd plenty of those. The way I try to do it-up what is first rate. If something seems scarce-yet what I have really is flawed...odds are a better version exists,and often it appears on a bt site. Later-after I do the next puter,with a better soundcard-I'll hunt through my analogs and see what still has not appeared online. Already several have shown up-and in better quality. A few probably won't appear until I digitize them.

A note-it is VERY important that if you try to remaster/clean up audio files you have GOOD speakers...not "computer " speakers,but a real stereo amp and some quality,accurate,monitors.
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