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Re: An urgent message about digital noise reduction

Originally Posted by Lou
...When I transfer tapes I NEVER, EVER digitally noise reduce them. I'll only very rarely do traditional noise reduction on the tape deck if I'm going to noise reduce at all. It's gotta be a really harsh noise for me to noise reduce on the deck.
I'm a DJ and sometime sound engineer, and I'm pretty much a minimalist. I agree with you that processing should only be done if necessary and only if it makes a noticeable improvement. I'll usually run the de-noiser if the noise on the tape I'm working with is really objectionable. One of my first de-noising projects was a telephone interview which was made on cheap equipment and which also had phone system noise all through it. It definitely took a lot of trial and error (on a 233 Mhz AMD K6!) before I found out how to get rid of the noise without creating new problems, but what a relief to hear the voices minus the garbage!
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