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rare reel to reels of john mclaughlin

Hi - I have about 4-6 hours of live John Mclaughlin and Shakti, One Truth and Trio of Doom on audio reel-to-reel tape.
I would be really pleased if you would be willing to accept the tapes, transfer them to CD or DVD and send me back the disks.
I would happily pay for all postage, but cant for the transfer.
I think this is a real win-win opportunity for both of us.

Contents on the 3 X reels are:

* Shakti: New Vic, London, 8/5/77
* Shakti Broadcast, May 1977, and TV interview 11/2/77
* One Truth Band, State Theatre, Sydney, 2/7/79
* Shakti, Montreux, July, 1976,
* Shakti, radio session
* One Truth Band, Elizabethan Theatre, 16/7/79
* Mahavishnu Orchestra - bootleg
* Trio of Doom (McLaughlin, Jaco, Tony Williams)
* One Truth Band, Montreux, 1979 (TV)

Please let me know if you are interested and willing to make this trade.

Thanks, Paul (Jerusalem)
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