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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread


I said I heard good AND bad about any place I'm sure. I just prefer to be in a place where the folks who run the site care as much about the music they see here as the people who seed/leech what is offered. Your offer to raise your ratio, "after" it was mentioned and your comment on it scrutinized, is a prime example of a user who uses sites other than his home one like a public restroom....if it isn't the one in your home, why be clean, someone else has to clean the're being "nice guy" about it is nothing short of "song and dance" for personal PR. That is just "my" opinion though and reflects no-one else's views but my own.

I don't know freezer personally but an awesome Robert Palmer torrent came out of his hands to ours and I respect the respect he showed the artists music and career. Sharing for free to get music out and sharing to try and make a name for yourself at another's expense are 2 more totally unlike matters. The boot scene can be touchy at best no matter where you go but if people are questioning the validity of origins/content discrepancies on torrents @ Zomb then maybe mods/admin should be checking deeper to see what is coming out of their site[instead of questioning another sites issues in posts in their home forum].....taking liberties that aren't yours to take seems self-defeating at best if they are not handled promptly.....on rare occassion I have added info to a file or helped distinguish correct info so that artwork can reflect it along with the info...but I would NEVER tamper with something I got in anyway that disrespects the taper, artist, or the site allowing it to be offered. Folks @ Zomb either need to get a bit more proactive in the content in question or suffer more of these public complaints from within the trading community at their own expense.
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