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Re: What is the .cue file for

For music trading the cue file is generally used for burning with EAC (Exact Audio Copy). There's links to this and a tutorial in the FAQ. I don't know if it can be used with other burning programs or not since I use EAC to burn any audio cds I make.

If you load the cue sheet in EAC it will list all the tracks as they are named in the cue file and the names will be burned on the CD as wel as whatever the cue sheet tells it is the name, artist etc...

You can easily make one using EAC as well. Just go to Tools>write cd-r. Watch out though, when you drag the wavs over in Windows they tend to invert the first and last tracks. So you need to move them into the correct positions. You can check by looking at the bottom window which retains the file names as they are. Then to change the track names, go in the top window and click on "Track 01" and rename it to what you like and continue until you have it how you want it.

To put in the artist and CD title info go to Layout > Edit CD Information (once you're already in "write cd-r" mode and fill in what you like.

Then to save the cue sheet go to File > Save CUE Sheet. If you archive your shows in flac/shn save this with it.
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