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Old 2005-08-15, 05:00 PM
Thumbs down Search Feature is LAME????

Am I doing something wrong? I have to find messages and then check each one to see if it contains a torrent link?? WTF?? and then after each search, the website requires that you press <<<SEARCH>>> again so that the search screen comes back on (more time wasted) and then you can do another search?? So if you are looking for torrents by bands like Prodigy, Rob Zombie, etc., it can take forever and come up with nothing. Then if you actually get any results, you have to pop each message open and hope there is a torrent link inside?? I must be doing something wrong, I can't believe any system is this backwards! Even North Korea and Iran must have a better torrent website set-up. PLMK what I am doing wrong, and how I can find active torrents THE QUICK WAY.

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