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Re: Computer question

Lots of good advice here!

add this checklist to your thoughts...

- get an UPC !!!! (uninterruptible power supply - - a real one with a battery in it ) - "sags" in electricity kill electronics just as "spikes" will.

-mind the dust ( use can of compressed air to clean it out or at least check inside the door once a year )

-listen for weird sounds ( as are very important )

computer myths :

the on/off thing is about the expansion-contraction that happens going from cold to hot... don’t sweat it... honest these boards are micron precise.
And the hard drive question... what’s worse the wear of a startup or it constantly spinning ? They are both "bad" -moving parts fail.. period.

Now if this is a new computer – keep it ON – this is called the “burn-in” period – you want any part that might fail – to fail – before you load it up with all your stuff ! After the return policy (ex. 15/30 days) has passed… the burn in period is over.

your electric bill will help you decide which way is right.
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