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Re: Setting Up A Network To Share A Printer Between XP and OSX?

It's a long time since I set up my network printing. I don't remember changing anything in the router and a after a quick check just now, I couldn't see anything to set.
The only other thing I needed to do was with the ZoneAlarm firewall. I had to set up a trusted zone to include the range of IP addresses allocated by the router to each computer to allow them to talk
I also remember putting the PC in a workgroup called WORKGROUP. I also have windows sharing turned on in my mac firewall. I can't see any of these changes being being required to print though.
I think I remember reading that both the PC and Mac must be on the same subnet for the mac to see the printer ie. differ in IP address only in the last digits.
Sorry but I can't think of anything else, hopefully someone else will post an answer.
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