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Re: SBE fix gives different result with shntool & flac front-end?

Originally Posted by 4candles
I undertook an experiment and created a set of 4 CD-quality WAV files that weren't cut on sector boundaries.

I then created a set of fixed WAV files using "shntool fix", and a set of fixed FLAC files used "flac --sector-align". I then compared the output of "shntool md5" and get different checksums for the final file. "shntool len" gives the same output for both sets of four files.

Using a hex editor I compared the two resulting WAV versions of track 04. The shntool-fixed version contains 448 zero bytes (112 samples). The FLAC-fixed version contains about 224 zero bytes, but then about 224 bytes containing data at the very end. So this seems to be a bug in FLAC.

The above tests were done using FLAC 1.1.1. I don't have the latest version installed (1.1.2) to test with, but the "changelog" for v1.1.2 doesn't mention any bugs regarding the --sector-align option.

Is anyone able to do a similar test using FLAC 1.1.2?
good find 4candles. i'll do some test with flac 1.1.2 when i get home.
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