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Question SBE fix gives different result with shntool & flac front-end?

here's the shntool info on original files:
length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
8:51.48 93781908 -b- -- ---xx Track01.flac
14:12.74 150467836 -b- -- ---xx Track02.flac
11:51.70 125585712 -b- -- ---xx Track03.flac
17:21.18 183674548 -b- -- ---xx Track04.flac
52:17.61 553510004 B (totals for 4 files, 0.5096 overall compression ratio)

if i use shntool fix -o flac *.flac, i get:

if i use flac > wav > flac (flac front-end with align on SBE), I get:

flac front-end log
options: --sector-align -P 4096 -b 4608 -m -l 8 -e -q 0 -r 0,6 -V
Track01.wav: Verify OK, wrote 50181676 bytes, ratio=0.535
Track01.wav: INFO: sector alignment causing 142 samples to be carried over
Track02.wav: Verify OK, wrote 78855773 bytes, ratio=0.524
Track02.wav: INFO: sector alignment causing 378 samples to be carried over
Track03.wav: Verify OK, wrote 61637536 bytes, ratio=0.491
Track03.wav: INFO: sector alignment causing 535 samples to be carried over
Track04.wav: Verify OK, wrote 91908702 bytes, ratio=0.500
Track04.wav: INFO: sector alignment causing 111 zero samples to be appended

notice, last track's ffp doesn't match. any idea why?
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