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Re: Checksums Demystified (.st5, .ffp and .md5)

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
Thanks Five!

I Think I've figured it out..

Still have questions though:

If I discover SBEs and I don't know which flac level the original files where encoded with, what is the best re-encoding level after the fix? What settings for the fix should I use? Fix/pad? Shift forward/backward/round? Skip first N? Pad last file?
ffp is st5 that only works with flac. st5 is ffp for all lossless. it pulls out the raw wave file without the header and analyzes only that.

sbe fix default settings that should be backward shift and pad final track if necessary. oldschool 'proper procedure' is involved and basically profitless. besides, others who downloaded the same set will most likely choose this path of least resistance and their resulting fixed set will have matching st5 as yours without re-downloading. st5 is immune to compression level changes and also lossless codec changes.

it is good to see it for yourself.. take one flac file to a test folder, use tlh to encode level 1, level 6, level 8, decompress a wav, transcode to ape, mkw, shorten and put them all together in tlh then 'create checksums' generate. the same numbers over and over. md5 used this way is all screwed up.

if the md5 doesn't verify just take it out. if the md5 works I would still take it out, site policy is you can take it out or leave it in at your discretion but it must work.

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
Are there any point in leaving "old" ffp/md5/sfv if I create a st5-file?


the original st5 file often contains a date of creation time stamp that should be preserved. I feel it is helpful to collectors.

sfv is used with mp3 sets.. for this stuff, just copy whatever those ppl are doing. I hate the mp3-sfv functionality tlh is a shntool frontend and shntool is [/i]exclusively[/i] lossless, like ttd-etree-etc.

if you generate new st5 it should be identical to old st5 except for the date so you don't need a new st5 so long as the old one works.

shn sets only need st5 in the year 2020 .. md5 is 90s

sorry for the tl;dr .. help me boil this to 25 words or less if possible lol
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