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Re: Checksums Demystified (.st5, .ffp and .md5)

Okey, I have a confession to make.

I haven't always checked the fingerprints and checksums for downloaded lossless audio files.

But now I want to do that, and to filter out the bad ones.

Some of the bootlegs I have do have st5 and ffp, but some only have md5 and some don't even have any fingerprints/checksums.

(I have flac, shn and ape-files)

1. How do I ascertain that my files are correct? TLH -> Analysis -> Test audio encoded files and Check audio files for SBEs? Running "flac -t" in a command prompt in Windows?

2. If the above solution(s) return a positive result, can I then create a st5 (and ffp) for those audio files?

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I want to do it right, and preferably only one time (for my collection now, of course I will do this for any future bootleg I download).

Hope you can help me out.

Best reagrds,

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