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Re: Flac & SHN archiving question

Originally Posted by feralicious
Also, to be clear, you're not extracting anything if you leave them as flac/shn files. You're simply copying them to another drive/media. So by burning them to disc or copying them from a disc to a drive you aren't altering the files in any way as long as they copy over fine. Then you use the md5, fingerprints or flac frontend to verify them so you know they came over intact.

Extracting is a term used more for getting files from a disc that is burned as audio. That's pretty much a no-no since you can introduce diginoise into the files and there's usually a flac/shn source already being circulated. So if you've burned your files as an audio disc, the general rule is don't extract those for trading or seeding.
I have always made a copy and used that to recode/burn to CD for my use with nero6. My understanding is I could do this direct from source as nero 6 does not alter source FLAC/SHN. True or false
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