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Re: anyone interested in this?

lineage goes as follows to the best of my ability.

studio/reel to reel (probably)/fm broadcast -> ?? -> jd house of dolls 12" -> audigy 2 soundcard -> creative recording software (came with the soundcard) (this is what i used to record from auxiliary 2) -> adobe audition (track splitting) -> FLAC frontend -> FLAC level 6. (i didn't generate fingerprints, i didn't use eac to rip anything, but if i need fingerprints, i can do that. and if it needs to be level 8 or anything else, i can do that)

sorry if i'm retarded. just try to have patience. i'm still getting used to being so exact, and knowing the sources/methods, etc. with that said, i don't have much info with this album. i've managed to find it on the net once before, but it didn't help me out too well. the tracks are all from different sources. some mixes are unreleased, some are only on video, some sound quite awful, not the dubs, but the actual songs, the recording quality for the live songs was very poor. i don't know too much about this as i've already said. but it's the joy division house of dolls lp on eis aiona records with a limited pressing of 500 i think.
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