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Hello, posting this info on all forums. I've been ripped of by Austrian Metallica trader Christoph Gritsch. 2 Months ago we set up a trade. I had to send first since I contacted first, I sent him 7 dvds. In 2 weeks I asked if he got my package and asked also when hes gonna send mine. He replied, he got a package and said nothing about sending mine. Then I repeated my question and he ignored that. In a week I warned him I will post his info on all trading forums and he replied he will send my package. Well, ok. Nothing I got in 2,5 weeks and I warned him last time, 1 week of ignoring and i finally i got message "I send 30 october". I dont believe him, he is not contactable, since set upping a trade he was sending replies 2 times in a day, not short 2 messages in a month and no discs. I wanna warn everyone, do not trade with him. Maybe someone has already posted info about Christoph, I dont know and I dont care. I did what I had to do. Info :

Christoph Gritsch

Email :a = unescape('%40');d = unescape('%2e');m = 'mailto:';document.write('greenday10 (at) gmx (dot) at');
Web :

Thanks for reading this.
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