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Re: Five's Guide to Using TTD During the Apocalypse

Sam, it is like a late mid-life crisis!

what is on this old hd? wow I didn't know I had that in my basement. what is on this win98 computer I keep on a shelf, without electricity for over a decade. can it still operate? does it have my lost shows from yesteryear? how ridiculous is my collection of nostalgic electronics and will they ever get powered-up again?

today at the toronto supermarket ..
flour - limit one per person.
yeast - out of stock for two weeks!
udon noodles are out - but I think that was just random!
beer - shelves are nearly bare! dab the real dortmunder out of stock
toilet paper - back in stock!
militant staff direct people to distance effectively! like the army or something! staff in masks and gloves, like a video game situation or something..

world welfare state in effect! scammers will get caught later.

justin trudeau - has a three-part plan!
solve the toilet paper crisis - solve the beer crisis - solve the world heath crisis.

Five installs every old software to remember the good old days before everything was shit! lol

as far as a global crises go, its pretty alright *cracks a beer*
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Here you are in a place of permanent madness, be careful!
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