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Re: Question about peers in a swarm...

U2Lynne, You are so helpful and great to respond quickly.

So, I had asked about the Phish show I was DL for the past week. I think it took about 6-7 days. Well now it's done. I DL at 30- kb tops all week, but mostly 10-29 kb.
It said Firewalled on TD under my name and my bittorrent said ports open.

So, now the show finally finished, u indicated that I had only been on for 1 day, it had been 4 days. AFter 7, it's done.

I went to canyouseeme? it said "error, something, something." So I don't know if they could see me, and couldn't check that port.
I tried to change ports to 40000, but saw no diffence and went back to 6881.
Anyway, now I do not have "FIREWALLED" under my name, I am DL the GD show 9/19/87 at a rockin 148 kb and strong.
Only DL from a few peers though. But those peers are UL at 50 or so each. J

Just wondering why all this is? Sorry about this quadruple-barrelled question. Does all this make sense? Can you explain to me>?
THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!
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