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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

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I doubt people could actuly buy there way out of seeding. You don't get that much of a change in your ratio.
You and I might not have our ratios affected by a $20 donation, but there are a lot of n00bs who sign up, download until their poor ratios automatically suspend their accounts, and then they are stuck there until they can make up the difference. They can't get uploader status. They, more than likely than not, have leeched old shows that no one else will be leeching soon. And, with their accounts frozen, they can't jump on active torrents to improve their ratios. Remember that HC citizens are forbidden from running more than one account from the same IP. I would assume that a user in this position could not delete and add a second (or third or fourth) account and start over, based on the assumption that she or he would repeat the same leechy behavior the next time around (and, to be fair to HC, that assumption is not unreasonable).

This scenario is well documented in the HC forum. Users in this position would pop up there with fair regularity asking how to regain good standing, and it was not uncommon for them for them to be told that, if they made a donation, that would get them out of the dog house.
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