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A question about speed correction of lossless files

and actually the question is just about everything you could tell me about it as I'm clueless.
I d/l a show > "Michael Hedges 9/21/97 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA (AUD/?) [SHN]" and it sounds like ol' Michael was suckin' on some helium before he sang....well maybe not that bad , but definitely a higher pitch than anything I've heard of him live/studio.
Also , this is how it sounds on my HDD , not an audio CD-R copy.
I realize this is a show that I've obtained from a different tracker , so it's not really your problem , but I don't think I'll get much help where I got it from , they're swamped with problems.
Even a link to a tutorial would be much appreciated , and any clues as to how I'd know the true speed and pitch , and any software I'd need to perform the correction.
Also , knowing the standard TTD sets for lossless sharing , would you personally share such a speed corrected file , so long as lineage and availability met your criteria ?
Thanks for any help and your time.

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