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Re: DVD From MPG

Thnx for replying pawel & AAR.oner
Originally Posted by pawel View Post
Edit: if the mpg file is smaller than VOBs (all VOBs containing the corresponding video and audio) it means that it is encoded in lower bitrate and/or screen size - it can be a VCD or SVCD for example.
Yes it is smaller. Interesting. As I mentioned, I do not "see" or "hear" any difference. And I have this same experience with many other shows I've downloaded in the two formats. This reply leads me to understand that I should notice a difference? Since I do not, why all the fuss and promotion of the dvd/'vob' format? Unless, of course, my experience with this show is an exception to the rule? Seriously, other than the 'dvd' having menus and other 'bells & whistles' I need to decide if it's worth the added cost in hard disk space as well as burning an entire disk with one show instead of multiple shows in the mpeg format.

Could this subject be in the same vein as the the debates I keep reading about regarding mp3's vs. cd-quality formats? Or the old beta vs vhs? etc.? If so, I am confused because in 'those days' I opted for beta and look at what happened -
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