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Re: converting sony hi-md tracks

I guess sometimes it's a toss up between quality missing a vital part of the show. If I know there's going to be a clear encore break of a couple of minutes at least after an hour and twenty minutes or so, it should be a no-brainer really - PCM all the way. I guess taping with Hi-SP does take the stress of the disc change out of the mix as well. I know when I'm stood there sweating, second blank disc poised watching the "File System Writing" message flashing at me as it writes to disc in what feels like real time! It's a stressful business!

I have been stung in the past by bands (i.e. Tha Manics) who don't do encores. There's only been once situation where I've lost the end of the last song as an extra song was added earlier into the set. Up until then, there sets had been fitting snuggly onto one disc.

Originally Posted by Five
to get rid of autogain the method is over here:

on my Hi-MD I have to do it each time I change the disc a little bit of rehearsal and it can be done quickly in the dark with your eyes closed
Thanks for that. I'll check it out.
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