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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...

Originally Posted by cicada
Better minds than mine seem to be focused here & now. Can I jump in with my own question (please).

I found 2 cd's to match the list when I attempted to set things up correctly (yea). I get the same "Read Correction" each time I ran them (yea). Except they are not the same as each other (oh no..). So, each cd has a different read correction. I was encouraged when I got the same read with each cd, but became discouraged when they did not match each other.

Does this mean I will not be able to set up my drive for a proper read correction? I have spent hours reading the EAC set up instructions, Coaster Factory & pandora. I don't claim to be very computer savy, either. How about a litlle help, please?
I bevieve that once you get the same readings from 2 different cd's you're on to something good.
It is just a matter of having that list of discs, and whether or not your pressings of those discs are exactly the same as the ones in the list. I've seen multiple pressings of the same releases (re-masters, made in different factories/countries, etc.) so be careful.
It's not easy, and now with coaster factory gone, it's gonna get harder...
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