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Re: "Audio BitTorrent Seeding Guide/Policy" Addition Suggestion

There might be a point you're missing in regards to the text file though Lynne. When a person modifies a show's original format, the old text file goes out the window much of the time and the person creates a new text file (or modifies the original anyways). Since a new text file is being created anyways, might as well have the old checksum details included in the new info. If this were a perfect world the old info file would be copied and used to form the basis of a new, with the updated info added as to what the person modified. At that point they could also paste the checksum in.
In the end, when they do these mods, they are creating a new "lifeform" of a show. The DNA (text file/checksums) from the old don't apply other then informing someone of the lineage.
All in all, it's just a suggestion from me to highlight these points in the FAQs or where else on the site a person looks to for guidance. Some people are sloppy traders by choice and some by lack of information. We could help guide them.
Thanks for listening to me.
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