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Re: Audio CD files to DVD

if you author the AIFF files onto a DVD-Video disc (which will have the VIDEO_TS folder, and the files will be typical of a video DVD disc - IFO, BUP, VOB), then a settop DVD player will play the disc.

on the PC, there's a program called Audio DVD Creator that will take WAV or MP3 or AC3 tracks and create the disc (which can have menus for song selection and so forth).

the authoring software i use - Spruce DVDMaestro (which was bought by Apple and now has the name DVD Studio) will do it.. i just drag & drop a black picture file (720x480 resolution), or any BMP/JPEG file i want on the screen for the duration of the audio file, to the timeline and set the length. then set chapter points so i can navigate to any song/track i want, and click on Compile. burn the disc as any DVD-Video disc, and voila... a disc with uncompressed PCM audio (which can have either WAV or AIFF as the audio asset source). i don't know for certain, but it's likely that Apple's DVD Studio has this feature. from what i've read, the current layout is even very similar to DVDMaestro.

if your settop DVD player will play DVD-A discs (DVD Audio), then there's an open source program someone on this board has been developing, so i'd suggest checking it out. as i recall, it's cross-platform so it would likely work on your system (OSX). the only point in question would be whether or not your settop player(s) will play DVD-A discs.
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