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Re: Is it ok If I seed this soundboard?

Originally Posted by Karst
Just a bit of background. In the sixties the record companies (esp. Capitol Records in the US) were obsessed with attaining a stereo type effect for the mono recordings that they had. I think the most well-know of these is Pink Floyd's Arnold Layne on the Relics release. Capitol initially used terms as Duophonic for these releases where the mono signal was pratically doubled up from one channel to two. The problem with these was that when played on stereo equipment they seem to attain a significant amount of reverb.

I'd say with any live-recording the issue is quite different. Audience recordings clearly depend a lot more on position and quality of the equipment. Soundboard depends very much on the live mixing desk setup - the latter is prossibly the cause of the fact that this is a mono recording. Now the issue might be that the signal was 'collated' through the laptop input and was originally stereo. Maybe the original taper could shed some light on this. I'm also wondering why it was mixed down from 24 bit?
Hello to you, the right honorable gentleman from Belfast. The fake stereo effects you are describing occur when a producer or whatever adds some differences between the channels that weren't there. Identical L and R channels will give you a mono recording.
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