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Re: Script to create checksum *st5 + Calculate total lengh and compress files made by me [ONLY FOR FLAC files]

Originally Posted by Luke_of_Mass View Post
only works for FLAC files? Wouldn't you want .ffp instead of .st5? what's the difference, exactly? .st5 just covers whole directory? Never understood why people would put in .md5, .ffp and .st5 in one torrent seems sort of redundant.

Anyways .st5 seems more rare than other checksums is there some sort of benefit here aside from apparently checksuming many many directories at once ?

Impressive script.
Yes, for now only works for FLAC, but it also could be support others another format but only it requires add/change some parameters in script.

I have read information about the difference between st5 and ffp checksum, and I noticed that st5 can verify corrupt flac instead of ffp, even though they have the same hash, the shntool program can detect some corrupt FLAC, it has happened to me several times when obtaining the checksum of a corrupt FLAC using st5, this indicates an error, however if I apply ffp, it does not produce any.

I have read here that the ffp only shows the fingerprint of the FLAC file, instead, st5 analyzes the file

The Script creates a st5 file for each album and it is saved in its respective folder,
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