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PS: DVD as a format is dying. It's on life support right now. It's now possible to convert a DVD to an mkv (matroska) file without transcoding thanks to FFMPEG and the libav dev team, yet per the TTD rules I think this also is currently disallowed. Yet another example of how this community is falling prey to stubbornly ignoring current technology trends. Sure, there's blu-ray, but why burn BD disks when one can simply use a media player/HTPC and playback their media without the need to buy/burn physical media?

/end rant
From the HD Video Seeding Policy in the FAQ:

2. Permitted file formats.

High Definition Transport Stream (.ts) and Matroska container (.mkv) is preferred format for straight digital captures of HD TV broadcasts.
Yes, but we're talking about WEBCASTS in this thread, not HD TV broadcasts. Also, I think you missed my point that instead of uploading an authored Blu-Ray an uploader could instead upload it in a single .mkv file, and the underlying video/audio codecs/bitstream would be IDENTICAL (lossless conversion of container) if the creator knows what they're doing. All you need to to is run ffmpeg on the appropriate m2ts file in the /STREAM folder using the "-c copy" flag, and the "-f matroska" flag = voila, a convenient single file in the widely-compatible/friendly mkv format instead of a Blu-Ray file structure (which isn't very convenient for the vast majority of us who are never going to burn BD-R media, but will instead play via a media center, Roku, etc).

International Jazz Day All Star Jam was webcasted yesterday in 1080p quality, but since it wasn't on "TV" it's disallowed unless I am misunderstanding the rules:

12. Webcast rips and Digital Satellite Broadcasts are not permitted on The Traders' Den.
At the current time, webcasts and digital satellite radio broadcasts (such as xm radio) are not held to any reasonable quality standards. We are aware that there are some nice sounding webcasts and digital satellite radio broadcasts available in some locations, but at this point it would be a slippery slope to try to regulate what separates quality from not quality in these areas.
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