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Re: Web Casts . . .

TTD admins, et al,

This is 2015, not 1998. It is beyond laughable that TTD hasn't found a way to allow webcast rips/dumps on this invaluable site while still maintaining acceptable levels of quality and proper documentation of lineage.

There are tools like rtmpdump and AdobeHDS.php that enable "lossless" (untouched would be a more appropriate term here, with the point being that these tools enable one to grab a bit-for-bit accurate rip of the webcast feed) rips. Let people upload webcast rips, but require that they provide screen grabs proving that the method that they used meet acceptable standards to be outlined by the TTD admin team.

It's one thing to implement quality standards (no screencasting grabs [blech], minimum bitrate requirements, accurate description of the method/software used, lineage, etc, but an outright ban?!! C'mon Den, you're better than that. There are so many excellent high definition streams out there these days that can only be obtained via webcast rip, and it's damn near a crime to deprive this community of music lovers of the plethora of material they're missing out on due to this antiquated rule. Sure, there are other sites where one can find webcast rips, but I don't want to see TTD go the way of Sugarmegs and fade away into obscurity because of a failure to change with the times.

As the aged hippie so eloquently told Monty Burns: "Contemporise, man!"

- Uber

PS: DVD as a format is dying. It's on life support right now. It's now possible to convert a DVD to an mkv (matroska) file without transcoding thanks to FFMPEG and the libav dev team, yet per the TTD rules I think this also is currently disallowed. Yet another example of how this community is falling prey to stubbornly ignoring current technology trends. Sure, there's blu-ray, but why burn BD disks when one can simply use a media player/HTPC and playback their media without the need to buy/burn physical media?

/end rant
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