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Re: Free Wow & Flutter Removal - pyrespeeder

Originally Posted by BrainSuperGlue View Post
The Wow and Flutter app / program / code is written in the programming language, Python.

The author's code also relies on pre-written code or "packages" written by others to perform tasks. The numpy package for example contains pre-written code for fourier transforms.

So you would install the Python language, then the pre-written packages that the pyrespeeder python app will use, then run the pyrespeeder app itself (I prefer the GUI version) and if you've installed all it needs, you'll get the pyrespeeder window appear.
As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am happy to report that I did all those things and PyReSpeeder is fully working! So that's a good start. However, I have real difficulty in understanding what steps I need to take to remove wow from a recording. Is there a fuller explanation anywhere? Or perhaps a few youtube videos? Thank you so much for helping. Bas
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