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Re: Five's Guide to Using TTD During the Apocalypse

Originally Posted by Five View Post
business is taking a hit .. this will go on for months. I can't see a good future for brick and mortar stores already struggling. there's going to be a lot a lot of empty storefronts soon.

my wife reads this more than me and said that in asia they have better ways of dealing with it, ways that donald and justin don't seem to want to know about. she said if we stay in for it to work has to be six months, and still could easily fail. in asia they are testing people for fever at the clubs and letting everybody out of their houses. its working out better than the states.

I'm looking on my old computer, what is on these drives, anyways? not such a bad time for nostalgia, its pretty fun to boot up winxp from over ten years ago and see my wallpaper and programs there like it was yesterday. I found a txt file associated with one of the shows I'm looking for, getting closer..

yeah, I've got a great taping rig and was planning on getting out more this year ..

at least we have this hobby of music, living ten lives is not enough to hear all the great recordings and being trapped indoors is a little easier for us.
This is a real problem, especially for old bags like me; will there be 10 years left?
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