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Re: Five's Guide to Using TTD During the Apocalypse

its called 'afghan kush'

world toilet paper crisis, and the entire world wants to buy bidet at once. prices skyrocketing.

china is lifting their quarantine today

pretty much everything in canada is determined to be an essential service
they closed tho this is the replacement service for Canada Post that works right.

live music pronounced dead for the foreseeable future
tapers turn to recording bird songs as the last source of current live music.

Tradersden staff, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Parliament and displaced members weigh in on the possibility of a live concert, like SARSstock:
not possible at this time!

blue collar workers stand tall
in social groups, a human normally retains about 200 contacts they know by name, the first 50 or so has only one degree of separation. people outside this zone are instinctually more like things: the thing that takes my money at the store, thing that takes the garbage, thing that brings the mail you know what I mean.

people who are not being sent home because they are essential or otherwise unable to make a different choice are out there on the front lines, keeping us all comfortable handling money all day, getting closer than six feet all the time. when I get change back I handle it like its crawling with disease and try not to get too close to these 'high contact' people.

the guy who picked up my garbage today he's like honey badger he just don't care. he knows how to handle dangerous material all day long, he knows not to touch his face for many years. he's full of muscles and fearless.

if you have questions, you might find yourself wanting to ask a person like this for advice! these people get the ttd medal of honor if there was such a thing.

be well

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Here you are in a place of permanent madness, be careful!
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