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Re: Five's Guide to Using TTD During the Apocalypse

Live from the end of the world like a bad b-movie that's real ...

non-essential Canadian services closing down on wednesday

list of what is considered essential coming tomorrow.

we cannot rely on the post we are still connected electronically. share your best shows if you want to share them, the music you want to live forever. if you want to hoard get a 'hoarding buddy' or two so that future generations can continue to hold this unavailable gem out in front of other's noses.

news of the world is .. getting worse.

we are sincerely flattered by all the ppl who spend time here because it brings joy to their lives in some way or another. its the end of the world and you choose to spend your time at ttd, wow, thanks ! we broke our backs to build this in just a couple months while you young ones lay on the leg of the previous generation

let's enjoy the greatest rarest music and dream about the days of being one with the roaring crowd, the days of getting home after taping a show and it sounds better than you thought it would.

I am currently digging my collection I know I've got a couple uncirculated shows here, somewhere and I never meant to hoard them and trapped at home I find I have time for this.

take care of yourselves

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Here you are in a place of permanent madness, be careful!
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