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Five's Guide to Using TTD During the Apocalypse

many of us will not survive this.

please mirror all **not for trade** shows using reliable trader(s).

please mirror all work-in-progress data reliably in the same way.

please consider un-horading one-of-a-kind shows.

to all tapers of current 'illegal house party' shows: please keep yourselves alive & sit on the tapes a little while longer. while I admire your stance of 'give me live music or give me death' ttd cannot condone it and will not encourage it.

for those with privs, I can be found in the ttd panic room and will go down with the ship. others, please post reseed requests here and take care of each other, I already have plans for what I am seeding next.

for those who don't understand a word of this; its not meant for you. share something as rare and important as you can. all you people keep yourselves alive. thank you.
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Originally posted by oxymoron
Here you are in a place of permanent madness, be careful!
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