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Re: I am either too tired or yeah I am too tired

I would not worry about your ports right now. As a seeder, it isn't quite as important that you not be firewalled. So, let worry about getting you connected.

- First, stop the torrent (red square)
- Now, delete the torrent from bittorrent (red X)
- Now go into Preferences and make sure it is NOT set to always download to the same folder automatically.
- Now go to the thread and click on the torrent file and save it to your harddrive (note where it is being saved)
- Now go to that torrent and double-click it to start it
- BitTorrent should ask you where you want to save the files (if it doesn't, then you didn't do the third step)
- Tell it where your folder is that you picked to make the torrent file
- It will say something like "Are you sure you want to put them there? There are already files there." Say Yes
- It will then go through and verify that you have 100% of the torrent
- Now it should go into Seeding Mode. If it doesn't, you may have to select that torrent in the BitTorrent Window and then select the Green arrow to tell it to start.

Go through these steps and if something doesn't work right, let me know what step you are having problems on.

(Do you have AIM? Cuz I'm on there.)
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