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Re: How to Burn Videos to DVD?

I never got to the application part. I downloaded the 30-day trial version to see if would work. When I tried the application, I got a message that the 30-day trial period had expired. I've been so frustrated dealing with the Dell and Microsoft folks and the three or so programs that came with the computer that I said to myself --if they can't get the 30-day trial periiod thing right I'm not so sure I wnat to trust they didn't screw something else up.

I'm more relaxed today. I may risk it today.

To be sure, after I download a video from Traders' Den, which I can do now, ONES will translate the VOB files into files (AVI or some other) that I can burn using Windows DVD Maker or Windows Medis Player? or can be used to burn VOB fiels directly onto a DVD?

AND (and this is critical) I can play it in a DVD player connected to a television.

I already can burn onto a data disc that plays in computers. (but won't play in DVD player connected to the televison)
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