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Re: Dimeadozen Offline...

Originally Posted by U2Lynne

I do wonder about what is going on with the 'lawyers' and EZT/DIME though.
Quite a long story... there is a lawyer office in Hamburg. For about two years now, they are searching through the web for copyright violations and send out letters (they are acting on behalf of a company in Berlin, which got its authorization through IFPI Germany). Usually, those letters are directed to the website owners. For reasons we don't know, yet, they are now getting at our hosting service. Not just because of EZT/DIME, but also because of other customers (the hosting service's lawyer said they'd be getting letters weekly now). One recent letter referred to a four year old post in a public forum which contained a link to an MP3 file hosted on servers of our hosting service. Four years! Most probably, the file is long gone history.

For all we know, the only thing this lawyer office is occupied with is writing such letters. Because the boss of the office is the same than one of the managers of the company in Berlin... there was a "nice" story about him in a magazine last year or so.

At the moment, we're in touch with the hosting service's lawyer and are trying to work out a solution.
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