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Re: Is ogg vorbis lossless?

most times, we have no choice, that's what I'm saying

we go to our job, its lossy audio.
a car goes by, playing the radio, its lossy audio.
a car goes by, playing the driver's personal music collection, its lossy audio.
go to a restaurant and listen to lossy audio.
the voice on the bus lossy audio.
cellphone is lossy audio.
home phone is voip. lossy audio.

stadium concert: digital board. they need it for wireless monitors that every big band is using. britney spears 'vocal support tracks': probably wav or aiff.

small music venue bar band analog board, non-lossy, non-digitized, except for the digital reverb. when I work live sound I use 0% reverb. if forced by the band, I have a great spring reverb with the rare feature built-in limiter to keep it from going 'boinggggg' all the time.

the fanatical application of late stg-early ttd "NO MP3" means a complete end to radio taping. back then everybody was beginning to switch over. Toronto is 100% digital radio for about 5yrs now. After CIUT "upgraded" their gear to digital I said 'goodbye' to Toronto radio.

we could see the lossy creeping into fm captures but we couldn't really go around downloading every last show, and keeping up to date on which stations are analog or not. also, I imagine the taper who has been taping his local radio since cassettes, being told 'you can no longer tape your favorite station, they have caved in to the mp3 beast'.

etree, stg were designed as 100% lossless without compromise (the audio sections). "friends don't let friends listen to mp3". search and destroy. without a second thought. this is the cornerstone that must not move and ttd is cut from the same cloth.

looking at it today from that perspective, could we ever get back to 99.98% lossless again? we could just axe all the modern broadcasts beyond xxxx-xx-xx.

Rider wanted to hold to 'NO MP3 AT TTD' like it was on stg and etree etc by completely clearing it all off the tracker and prevent all distribution of any lossy capture. those WAV files that you mention, that's the only source that should really be allowed at TTD. if its only 10 or 20 modern REAL lossless broadcast masters per year, that is 10 or 20 more than we get with the current system because the collectors find that lossy source, they say to themselves, "I have that show". you do not have that show. you have a proxy only. the show was put in a recycle bin at the radio station and deleted and the proxy mp2s kept as archives. or maybe they are archiving lossless? I seriously doubt it. but I hope so.
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