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Re: Seeding same torrent on two trackers

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Usually the easiest way to do it is to have the two torrents slightly different. Make a new text file that just says "ttd.txt" (it can be empty) and make a torrent with that file in it. Then, the hash will be different for the torrent and Azureus should be fine with it.
Are you suggesting creating a completely separate data folder (essentially a duplicate) that just has one different text file in it, and then making a new torrent file to seed on TTD?

That's what you mean, right?


She means to copy the show folder, add one text file to it (anything, it could even be blank). Then create the torrent from that new folder.

So, at DIME, you'd be seeding 11 files in the folder, for example.

And at TTD, you'd seed 12 files, including the extra text file.
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