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Re: Making a DVD with chapters

Originally Posted by kill_them_all1000 View Post
TMPGENC DVD AUTHOR 3 will do the thing. I converted a 60 minutes video file in 1 hour & a half & quality was really good for this kind of job.

I'm surprised no one has told you that your mpeg and avi files are lossy, so even if you make DVDs from them you would not be able to share them here.

You can certainly make them for your own enjoyment though.

There are a few quality encoders you can get, like TMPGEnc Express, it does a very good job, Canopus Procoder, more expensive, around $600, Sony Vegas, same price range, and CCE, the best in the market at about $2K.

Vegas and Canopus are the only two that will do framerate conversions, 25 FPS to 29.97, CCE can also do it if you know how to use avisynth.

For DVD authoring, there are many programs you can get, DVD Lab Pro is one, I use Tsunami DVD author, it is very user friendly and around $100, you can create motion menus with ease.

If you need step by step instructions, just type your question into google, there are tutorials in sites like
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