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Re: video cameras.

stay away from the first fer far as the second option - personally, i'm not a fan of Canon's consumer products in live concert situations due to poor low-light performance...on the whole, Sony cams typically perform better [again, i generalizing here]

as mentioned ^^, the Sony DCR-PC100 is a great cam that a lot of video tapers use...the newer version, the Sony DCR-PC1000, is what we usually shoot shows with...excellent cam if you don't need an external audio input [i run a separate audio rig so that doesn't really matter to me]...the in-cam mic is shite, but i pretty much feel that way about all in-cam mics, so...

as for pricing - bought my PC1000 brand new about a year ago, price was ~$700[US]...and you should be able to find a PC100 in good condition on ebay for under $400 no problem...i would go with one of those 2 cams if it were me

heres camcorderinfo's review on the PC1000:

and their review on the Canon ZR850 [which is a step up from the ZR800 you mentioned above]:
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