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Re: why is my speed so slow? (not firewalled)

Originally Posted by FeX- View Post
i am not firewalled but my speed seems really slow on TTD when uploading recently. Im using bitcomet and I have also done port forwarding. I have no firewall installed on my pc. I have switched clients also and tried Utorrent, Azureus, Bitlord and now my fav BitComet which seems to be faster than all. Yet I get very slow speed at uploading over here at TTD, I upload very fast on other trackers. Can someone tell me what I can do to solve this?

ive included a screenshot to show that im not firewalled and my ports are open too and my speed on other trackers is fast

The mod's right.

You can't DL and UL at the same time with Bitcomet, I've discovered that for myself, I have the same client.

It takes about 24 hours to seed a 4 GB show, so start it when you have finished all your downloads.
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