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Thank You TTD Gurus!

Well I just want to say a big thank you for the SHN>To>FLAC guide. Everything went smoothly. A fine and well thought out tutorial and the screenshots are definitely on time. Excellent effort!

One thought/question. Just for kicks I thought I would drag & drop a .shn file into my burner to see what would happen. The file apparently went thru some short-term decoding process and took roost in the files-to-burn dialog, to my surprise. So I did the same to the remaining concert files and did a burn.

Question - Are these the same quality as if I had burned the converted flac files? I suppose I could burn a cd of the flac files and judge for myself. My instinct tells me there is no difference in quality. Even so, I would like to hear from one of you gurus confirm that my instincts are correct or one is 'technically' better and what file specifics would be involved (freq, sample rate, etc.) and to what degree, if audible. Thnx!
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