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Re: USB Drivers in Windows XP .... Im f**ked

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh
agree on the 'drive letter assignment'
most USB devices want to be the 'F drive'
- if you're on a networked system - it will not show if a previous volume has been allocated as F.

quickest fix I've found is:

Start> Control Panel > Administrative Tools

Select: Computer Management > Disk Management

your USB device(s) will be in the list.

RIGHT Click > select: Change Drive Letter & Paths

Change USB device to an unused drive letter.

*problem* - IF the drive is removed and system is rebooted - you must repeat the process.

**warning** make sure you are changing the USB device - or you could possibly re-assign your hard drives..etc.
well, have to disagree. don't get me wrong, your help is appreciated.

Drive letter F may not be available in most windows pcs with two harddisks (with two partitions each) plus a dvd drive will let you start not before drive letter H .
If you say yes, H for my USB harddrive is fine, OK but next time you (or whoever) insert a usb stick or add a usb printer may get the same problem because windows is stupid, no E T. I. for sure!
For that it usually works fine to go the way you told us but to start with a drive letter (for usb harddisks, sticks etc.) from the end = Z, Y, X ...., that allows windows to continue with the alphabetic order for other added devices.

hope you understand what I'm talking about (can't do it better)

have a nice day
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