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Re: Mac- Stealth connection

Well, as the Brits say, I'm buggered. I bought the Airport (Express, not Extreme) to please the wife. We had/have a Linksys for her PC (boo) and I was hardwired from it into my Mac. If I reverted to that, there is still the "wires all over the freakin' house" issue, and I am trying to avoid issues (yes dear, of course you are right). I'm not sure my machine will even work with it wirelessly (I have a built-in Airport card, would it even speak with the L router?). I was just trying to be a good citizen and enable the most possible connectivity. As it stands, everywhere I dl from shows good ratio (1.99 from Demonoid, 1.37 on Dime, 1.52 here, etc.), and my speeds are good (75kBs + up and 300 kBs+ down), so I may have to live with this until I can figure out how to hardwire my system or Apple fixes firmware. Thanks, everyone, for the help. I really appreciate it. Sorry we couldn't work it out. BTW, I had no drop-out problem with Azureus or other apps, just this stupid connectability issue after getting the Airport.
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