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Mac- Stealth connection

For the life of me (I'm talking 20 hours of messing with my connections) I can't get my iMac iSight G5 PPC running Airport Express and a DSL Zyxel P600 modem to connect without stealth showing up. I had everything ok once, when I had a direct line, but I had to change to a new modem (Earthlink provided both) and added the Airport to please the wife, who hates wires. I get excellent up and down speeds, with good connectability, but I still show up as "possibly firewalled" here. Using Bits on Wheels and Transmission- was using Azureus, but way too many variables in that! Other places show me as connectable or simply don't list. I ran the port check avaiable here and it reported back stealth. Stealth is NOT checked on the Mac, so it must be connections. I have a static IP address, ports opened in my Mac firewall, my Airport, and my modem. I think some setting is not right on the modem, but it could be how the Airport is set up. Any Macnerds (my wife's term) out there have any clues???? Help would really be appreciated.
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